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May 2024 Irmgard Reflecting on Laban’s Teaching

April 2024 Laban’s Stillness and Stir – poetic musings

March 2024 A Personal Account of Laban’s Space Harmony Scales

February 2024 Joy in Movement through Function and Expression

January 2024 What are we doing  with L/BMS in Irmgard Bartenieff’s words


December 2023 Moving Offerings from Alums

November 2023 What does being Embodied mean?

October 2023 Reinvesting in our podcast – Embodied People

September 2023 An Interview with Mihyun Lee on Embodied Practices for Adoptees

August 2023 An Interview with Madegan Lynch on applying L/BMS to Ballet Dancers

July 2023 An Interview with Hana Kemea Kemble the director of Moving Child Films

June 2023 20 New CLMAs in Korea

May 2023 Turning Over the Soil – Completions and Beginnings

April 2023 Finding Support in Movement to Begin

March 2023 Students reflect on Peggy’s Teaching and Legacy

February 2023 Excerpts of an Interview with Peggy Hackney

January 2023 Bodily Knowing and the Change Process


December 2022 Your Movement Practices Shape Your Sense of Your Body and Self

November 2022 Announcements: New Program Location and Timeline

October 2022 Right and Timely Embodied Knowing

September 2022
Space: Your Alive, Dynamic Partner

August 2022
Congratulations New CLMAs!

July 2022
New Movement Skills and The Buddy Gifting Project

June 2022 The Arm Circle: 3-D Rotary Function

May 2022 Revisiting Irmgard Bartenieff’s Diagonal Knee Reach

April 2022 The Basic Body Half for Spinal Stability and Mobility

March 2022 Poetry in Memory of Cadence Joy Whittier

February 2022 Get Moving with the Lateral Pelvic Shift

January 2022 A Community of Memories: Honoring IMS co-director Cadence Joy Whittier


December 2021 Propulsion into Space with Sagittal Pelvic Shift

November 2021 In Memory of Cadence Joy Whittier

October 2021 Moving from the Lowest Part of the Pelvis: Femoral Joint Flexion and Extension

September 2021 The Basic Six: What is the Point?

July 2021 What is Effort and Why Study It?

June 2021 Alum Spotlight: Lindsey Hanahan

May 2021 Sense Your Inner Volume

April 2021 Overview: What Does it Mean to Perceive Movement Through Laban/Bartenieff Movement Studies?

March 2021 Let’s Talk About Sensation

February 2021 Function and Expression: Moving the Fullness of our Humanity

January 2021 Intention, Phrasing, and the Change Process


December 2020 How to Build Your Own Icosahedron

November 2020 Strategies for Sanctuary: Taking Refuge in Your Moving Body

October 2020  The Change Process 3: Resilience in Our Goal

September 2020 The Change Process 2: Some Possible Steps

August 2020 The Change Process 1: The Roots and Possibilities

July 2020 Introducing the Change Process

June 2020 Melissa Mirza on Phrasing and Organizing Intentions

May 2020 What is Motif? A Simple Mobilizing Score 

April 2020 Resources for Connecting to Our Humanity

March 2020 The Importance of Touch to the Development of Subtle Movement Possibilities

February 2020 Congratulations New CLMAs

January 2020 Initiating with the End in Body: Phrasing into the New Year


December 2019 Movement, The Stress Cycle, and You

November 2019Return to the Movement

October 2019
Seeking Sensation as the Foundation of the Change Process

September 2019 Creative Systems Theory as a Pedagogical Framework

August 2019 On the Development of Inter-Observer Reliability

July 2019 Building the Community Container in Adult Movement Education

June 2019 What is Laban/Bartenieff Movement Studies and Why Use It?

​May 2019 The Expressive Life of Shape Forms

April 2019 Initiation: A Metaphor for Life and Tangible in Movement

March 2019 Pause and Stillness

February 2019 Experience as Teacher: Connecting to the Visceral and Bringing it to the Surface

January 2019 Movement: A form of processing, thinking, and knowing


December 2018 Using Movement to Reflect on 2018

November 2018 Check It Out: Two New Texts by our Faculty

October 2018 Making Meaning from Movement: An L/BMS Perspective

September 2018 Phrases: Bridging from Movement to Patterns in your Life

August 2018 What is Phrasing? Looking at What We Know about Movement Phrases

July 2018 The BESS Baseline: Breath, Flow, Shape Flow Support, and Inner Volume

June 2018 Types of Touch: A Quick Touch in with Your Body

May 2018 Who is IMS? Video

April 2018 Quick Gems from Irmgard Bartenieff

March 2018 Who is IMS Introduction

February 2018 Welcome New CLMA’s: Meet the Cohort

 January 2018 Photo Gallery of the 2017-2018 Certification Program


December 2017 Connecting to Physicality to Know the Self

November 2017 Rose Pasquarello Beauchamp on L/BMS in Her Work

October 2017 The Observation Process: More Information 

​September 2017 Moving Through the Observation Process

August 2017 Beyond the Technical Language: A Case for the Evocative and Imagistic in L/BMS

July 2017​ Irmgard Bartenieff’s Lost Gems

June 2017 What is an IMS Immersion?

May 2017 Zones of the Kinesphere

April 2017 Motif: We are a go!

March 2017 Cross-Lateral Pattern of Total Body Connectivity

February 2017 Body-Half Pattern of Total Body Connectivity

January 2017 Upper-Lower Pattern of Total Body Connectivity

December 2016 Head-Tail Pattern of Total Body Connectivity

November 2016 Core-Distal Pattern of Total Body Connectivity

October 2016 Breath Pattern of Total Body Connectivity

September 2016 Introducing the Patterns of Total Body Connectivity

August 2016 Introducing Weight Effort 

July 2016 Kinesphere: Explore the Space Around You