Embodied People is a weekly podcast, sponsored by IMS, and hosted by Sarah Donohue and Colleen Wahl. Join us as we explore all things movement through a Laban/Bartenieff lens.

Books for Moving

Making Connections: Total Body Integration through Bartenieff Fundamentals
Peggy Hackney

An experimental approach to movement fundamentals involving the patterning of connections in the body according to principles of efficient movement, the process of total body integration encourages personal expression and full psychological involvement.

Creative Ballet Teaching: Technique and Artistry for the 21st Century Ballet Dancer

Cadence Joy Whittier

Drawing on the fields of Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analysis, dance pedagogy, and somatic education, this book explores creative and innovative approaches to teaching ballet technique. A complementary online manual, Creative Ballet Learning, provides students with tools for technical and artistic development, self-assessment, and reflection.

Laban/Bartenieff Movement Studies: Contemporary Applications 

Colleen Wahl 

This book offers a framework for understanding movement as it influences our perceptions of ourselves and others. Wahl explains what movement analysis is, how it works, and how readers can use it in their lives.

Films for Moving

The Moving Child

Hana Kamea Kemble 
​The Moving Child Film educates parents, grandparents, caregivers and teachers  about the          importance of dynamic movement for children’s emotional, social and mental, and physical wellbeing.

The Moving Child I: Supporting Early Development Through Movement
The Moving Child II: Dance Therapy in Action
​The Moving Child III: Developmental Movement in the First Year

Apps for Moving

Moving Space: Laban Scales App 

Brenton Cheng, IMS faculty

More Reading to Explore

Cadence Joy Whittier, late IMS director and faculty
Read her L/BMA articles and papers here